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How We Met...

I (David) had recently gone through a hard breakup with a former girlfriend. I wanted to start dating again but did not really know how to begin since I was not really into the bar scene. I was driving to work one day and I heard an ad for speed dating in Tallahassee. I decided I would give it a try since I had nothing to lose. The event was at Buckhead Brewery. I was introduced to about 8 girls throughout the night, spending about 5 minutes with each one. I was attracted to Rachel right from the start. She was beautiful and had a wonderful, outgoing, and fun personality. The next day I logged on to the website and entered who I wanted to match with. I did not have any matches at that point since no one else had really logged their picks. I left that day to go over to Destin for the weekend to visit my parents. I checked my matches while I was there and I noticed I had matched with Rachel. I opened my email to drop her a line and I noticed that she had already emailed me! I saw she had given me her phone number so I called her. We talked for about 30 or 45 mins. I asked her out to dinner. We decided to go to dinner on Sunday evening. So I packed up and left Destin early. We went to Cabos for dinner. During dinner she informed me she was a member of Parrot Heads (Jimmy Buffet fan club) and asked if I would like to go to happy hour with her Wednesday night. I said sure. I called Rachel again on Monday and Tuesday and she informed me that she was going out to dinner with friends on Tuesday night and I was more than welcome to come along. We went out to TGI Fridays (where we had our first kiss). We went out again the next night to Parrot Heads and have been inseparable ever since.

The Engagement...

Rachel and I were at the Parrot Head Christmas party and while standing around the fire our conversation turned to the "where do you think our relationship is heading" conversation. I asked her to go first and she told me she thought I was the one. I told her I felt the same way but did not want to tell her any earlier for fear that she would not be ready to hear that. Rachel was so excited and started planning the wedding. I asked her to take it easy until I formally asked her. I wanted the perfect engagement so I asked her to go with me to Disney World for Valentine's weekend. This was nothing out of the ordinary since we have Disney passes. We stayed Friday night at her grandmother's house and went to Disney Saturday morning. It began to rain on our way down (and did not stop until we returned home early Sunday morning.) We hung out at Disney most of the day until about 6:15 PM. I informed Rachel that I had a surprise for her. We went to the truck and drove to Port Orleans resort at Disney where I had arranged for a horse drawn carriage ride around the (simulated) Missisppi River. After the carriage ride we went back to the truck and we both changed into nice clothes for what she thought was nothing more than a nice dinner. I then drove us to the Contemporary Resort, (she did not know where we were going until we got there). I had made dinner reservation for us at the California Grille. We sat at the bar and had a cocktail while watching the fireworks go off over Magic Kingdom. I then pretended to go to the restroom while I secretly met with the manager in order to set up my perfect proposal. When it came time for dessert the manager hand delivered a covered tray and informed us this was a special dessert that I had requested for Rachel. I then walked around and got down on one knee while he uncovered a dish with a glass slipper sitting on the plate. Inside the glass slipper was a small pillow that held her 3/4 carat diamond engagement ring. Written on the plate in chocolate were the words "will you marry me?" She sat in shock for a moment or two before saying yes!