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Pat Moran, 9/27/2009
Looking forward to seeing you two together. . .
Keith & Calista Renfroe, 9/05/2008
Hey Rachel & David, We were so sorry to hear about Sara. Thanks for always being there for us. I hope we can be there for you in your time of need. Love, Keith & Calista
Luther Leach, 12/15/2008
HEY DAVID!. Looks like everything is going really well for you. Miss you Bud. Talk to you soon.
Charles (Chaz) Conarroe, 7/14/2006
Very cool site, your wife looks beautiful. You look the same ya goofy bastard!! hahaha j/k
nicole ryan (hogan), 2/20/2006
congradulations on your marriage. i wish you the best in all you do.
Allan Alderman, 3/01/2006
Hi Rachel - Heard from somewhere that you’d gotten married, and I found your site. It was a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t be happier for both of you. Congrats, also, on finishing your PhD. I hope you two have many long and happy years together.
Amie Heck, 1/21/2007
Rachel & Dave - Your story made me well up with tears. Rachel I am so happy for you! Dave I'm sure we may meet sometime in the future.
Penny Melville-MacDonald, 6/13/2007
Hi Rachel and Dave!
Francisco Martinez, 8/29/2007
Hi Rachel & Dave! Came across your page somehow and wanted to drop a note. Tell Sara I said Hi!
Danielle Scarbrough, 4/25/2004
CONGRADS!!!! Your Proposal sounds sooo absolutely wonderful! Talk about being Memorable! We wish you all the best with Wonderful times to Come!
Justine Sutz, 4/27/2004
Hey, Rachel! It's me,Justine! Congratulations! Hope to see you at the weeding! Tell everyone hi from me and my family Torrie and Cozmo too.
Jennifer tucker, 5/07/2004
Just wanted to say Congrats and I can't wait till August! Love you guys! Love, Jenny, Josh, and Lily !
Lucy Dees, 5/16/2004
We send our blessings and are so excited for you! You two are a match made in heaven! Love Uncle Paul, Aunt Lucy and Richard
Dave, Lisa & Danielle Iacampo, 5/27/2004
It is truly wonderful that two generous and caring people like you found each other. We can't wait to see you get hitched!
sara lyn sutz, 6/07/2004
Congratulations you two!!!! If either one one you screw up,it's too late, the invites have gone out!!!! Just kidding, Love ya both!!!!
Heather Kelley, 6/10/2004
ET and I are looking forward to it!! Love, Heather
Lisa Mark, 7/25/2004
Love the website! Congratulations and best wishes David and Rachel. Enjoy the day :)
rob & mary werner, 7/31/2004
We wish you both many wonderful years ahead
Alisha Fuller, 11/12/2004
Hi guys! Just waiting for the professional photos. Hope all is well. Love, Alisha
Rob Bridger, 1/23/2005
Congratulations from Rob and Maureen . . . and Sadie too; of course Sadie is jealous because she loves Dave. (For those reading the guest book who don't know; Sadie is my Golden Retriever who visited Tallahassee when Dave and I were neighbors.)
Charles Nash, 7/14/2005
Glad you found somebody that makes you happy man. You guys make a good looking couple.
Angel Tari (Bandres, 8/04/2005
Hey David, don't know if you remember me! Julie was my sister, Marie's, best friend and you rode with my brother, Jim, with the PBFD. I am happy to see you found your match. And what a fairy tale story! I married Anthony (whom I dated through high sch
Danielle Cochran, 5/31/2008
You guys are the best.and you two were made for one another,and I am glad we are friends.best of wishes in the future.
Ben Dease, 9/02/2008
Congrats on the family. Don't know if you remember me but I was a friend of you Sara's in high school. I've been trying to find her and you are the closest I've come yet. If you could find it in you to pass along my info to her I'd be grateful.